Web Developer, Farmer, Pie Maker

Nicholas Eymann


Friendly web development and consultation.


  Hello, I'm Nicholas.

I love web design and development. I help steward a food forest, and I bake a lot of pies.


I am currently accepting projects!


  Wordpress Especially

I love Wordpress! Theme customization and development, e-commerce ready and I know how to keep your install secure.


I bill projects at an hourly rate of $50.

At the beginning of the project, I'll put together a detailed estimate of how many hours it will take to complete, based on your individual needs as a client and your preferred budget.


A site or personal blog with a simple structure and little customization takes between 
 10 - 20 hours.

A basic website with e-commerce and/or content management features and a customized design usually takes between 
30 - 50 hours.

Full featured websites with lots of pages, content and customization can take 100 - 500 hours depending on the complexity of the project.

Will Work For Trade

Are you involved with sustainable farming? Deindustrialization? Do you belong to a marginalized group, or does your project involve social justice? I operate on a sliding scale when it comes to that!

If you are a skilled craftsperson or produce quality wares of any sort, I am open to exchanging work. I help co-manage a farm in Oregon, so any sort of synergistic relationships would be highly appreciated.



  • Winslow Food Forest

    Full featured wordpress for a small farm in Oregon.

  • Meridian Coin

    Responsive e-commerce site and blog built using the bootstrap framework and a rich system of custom taxonomies and fields.

  • Ponyshow Nashville

    Customized wordpress page with embedded etsy shop.

  • Megan Fresh Portfolio

    Personal portfolio site.

Let's talk about your project!

Contact me using the form below or message me at nicholas.eymann@gmail.com

Please tell me about your project and I will get back to you as soon as possible.